Helpless child mauled by pit bull while playing with friends

A toddler was mauled by a pit bull as he played with other kids on a Rockland County street, horrific footage of the attack shows.


The 41-second clip shows the dog charging at the three-year-old child, dragging him to the ground, and tossing him around like a rag doll.

The boy, wearing yellow pants, can then be seen struggling to crawl away.

Moments later, people can be seen rushing over to help, with one man pulling the dog away by its collar.

Police captured the dog, according to the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council, which posted the video of Thursday’s attack in Spring Valley online.

Photos posted by the organization show the side of the child’s face and neck bloodied from the “deep bite marks.”

The boy was hospitalized and released, WABC reported.

Apparently the pit bull has been on the loose in recent weeks, prompting neighbors to call the Spring Valley Police Department.

Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, commented on the attack in a tweet saying, “Horrific. No child should suffer this. No animal (or person) should ever be in a position to do this to anyone, certainly not a child.”

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