Is scandal behind Rep. Chaffetz's possible early exit? He responds

Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Thursday that he might resign from Congress “in the months to come” and insists that he wouldn’t leave because of any sort of scandal.

The Utah Republican, and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was asked by Politico if he would resign because of a yet-to-be-revealed scandal and he said, “Absolutely, positively not” and “not in any way shape or form.”

“I might depart early,” he told Politico. “It’s not tomorrow, it’s not next week. If it is, it’s going to be in the months to come.”

Chaffetz, 50, added if his opponents had “something really scandalous,” then “it would’ve come out a long, long time ago.”

The Politico interview came after KSL Newsradio’s host Doug Wright said that Chaffetz told him that he may not finish his current term.

“I will continue to weigh the options, but I might depart early,” Chaffetz said.

Chaffetz had announced on Wednesday that he won’t seek reelection to Congress in 2018. He has served in the House since 2009 and has chaired the Oversight panel since 2015. 

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