Mel B's ex-nanny hits back with defamation lawsuit

Mel B’s bitter legal battle against her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte just got more complicated.

The couple’s former nanny Lorraine Gilles is suing Brown for defamation after she claimed that Gilles had an affair with Belafonte, got pregnant and then even had an abortion, reports TMZ.

Usually a person can’t be sued for statements in court papers, but California family law makes an exception for someone who makes a claim against a third party who isn’t involved in the litigation.

In court documents, Brown claimed that in January 2015 she attempted to fire Gilles but Belafonte “went ballistic,” calling the German-born blond his “ride or die b—h.” He then insisted she be re-hired and given a raise.

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Brown also detailed a family holiday getaway to Ibiza in July 2016 where Belafonte berated her continually in front of Gilles, 26.

The “America’s Got Talent” judge claims that Gilles has a stash of sex tapes that Brown made with Belafonte and is keeping them in a storage facility. She is accusing the former nanny and her husband of extortion.

Gilles has reportedly submitted evidence which she hopes will disabuse the allegations, reports TMZ.

Brown met Belafonte in February 2007 and the couple were married in Las Vegas three months later. They have one child together, daughter Madison, 5.

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