SEE IT: ESPN reporter Sam Alipour curses on live SportsCenter

Sam Alipour just learned he shouldn’t horse around with a basketball.

The ESPN The Magazine reporter was on SportsCenter Friday morning when a hot mic picked up him yelling “Oh s—!” while on top of a horse.

Alipour was trotting around on the horse with a basketball after reporting a story about Russell Westbrook’s friendship with a Spalding basketball.

As he started riding his pony at Lazy E Ranch in Oklahoma, Alipour tossed the ball to another man on a horse close to him. When he underhanded the basketball to the man, the ball wasn’t caught and the horse took off, frightening both the reporter and the animal.

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When the horse bolted, Alipour yelled, cursed and then immediately covered his mouth when he realized what he said on live TV.

People starting their day watching the morning SportsCenter immediately reacted when they heard the swear word.

Although Alipour will likely be hearing from his boss, at least he wasn’t trampled under foot by a horse.


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