WATCH: 60 million Americans in the path of expected nor'easter

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Good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday night. I’m Rebecca Jarvis, in for Tom llamas. We begin with the major nor’easter taking aim, more than 60 million Americans in its path. Snow made for dangerous driving conditions in the south. Forcing a temporary ground stop at the Charlotte airport. This home on lake Ontario, completely encased in ice. But the big concern tonight, the heavy snow pushing east. Winter weather alerts from the great plains to new England. Blizzard watches from New York City to Boston. The snow is starting to fall. Setting up for a dangerous Monday morning commute in the northwest. The forecast from rob Marciano in just a moment. But we begin with Eva pilgrim on the winter that won’t give up. Reporter: Tonight, nearly half the country in a winter blast. This, as another major snow storm is forming. Parts of the southeast blanketed in snow. Spring now on hold there. In Tennessee, salt trucks trying to stay on top of the accumulation. Bad visibility making for dangerous driving conditions, as temperatures fall. And now, over 60 million people in the northeast bracing for a nor’easter. Blizzard watches from New York City to Boston. More than a foot of snow possible. Here in New York, they’re already gearing up 440,000 tons of salt and countless workers standing by. Michigan among the first to get hit. Crews working around the clock already. The midwest expecting below freezing temps and heavy snowfall tonight. This, as they are still cleaning up from Thursday’s extreme wind. Some still in the dark tonight. At nighttime, I curled up under five, ten blankets. Reporter: One couple dying after trying to keep warm with a generator. Another sign of the bitter cold, this home in New York, waves crashing, freezing right as they hit this house, coating it in ice. Officials warn everyone in the storm’s path to expect closures, delays, and cancellations, and asking you one the heavy snow starts to stay off the roads. Thank you, Eva. Let’s get right to rob Marciano, tracking the storm. Rob, what are you watching? Reporter: We’ve got several ingredients that look like they’re coming together. Our confidence is increasing for a major storm in the midwest. It’s already creating problems across the midwest. Snow in Minneapolis. Detroit, 3 to 6 inches of snow possible. Your first big snowfall of the season, it’s been pretty quiet. And these two systems combine, by 9:00 P.M., we’re looking for D.C. To see snow tomorrow night. Increasing during the day on Tuesday. That will be go time. Jersey coast, Long Island, new England. Winds 40, 50 miles an hour. Blizzard conditions in spots, and heavy snow just off the coastline. This ends on Tuesday night. But before it does, a wide swath of over 15 inches of snow, and a big swath of 10 to 15 as well. This could be the biggest snowfall on record for the month of March. Rebecca? Rob, thanks. And next tonight, to

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