We Betcha Didn't Know Miley Cyrus Was In Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Surprise, surprise!

Miley Cyrus has a secret role in the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy sequel it turns out.

The former Disney darling is back to her roots as the voice of the character Mainframe, but it seems as though she went to extra lengths to keep the role under wraps.

The news started to make its way online late Thursday after a press junket for the upcoming flick.

In fact, one blogger tweeted the following, “Fun fact from the @JamesGunn @Keyfeige interview happening now! @MileyCyrus is the voice of Mainframe.”

To add to the Cyrus buzz, Drax’s Dave Bautista seemingly confirmed the news during an interview with Huffington Post, saying, “I heard that she’s uncredited and a voice somewhere.”

Well, now that cat’s outta the bag!

Earlier this week, James Gunn announced some other exciting news for the hit franchise: a third film is coming to theaters near you in the future.

Gunn took to Facebook to explain what lead him to decide to do a third film:

“There is a history in Hollywood of haphazard endings to trilogies, and I didn’t want to become a part of that dishonorable tradition of pretending the third one doesn’t exist,” he wrote. “I couldn’t do it for the money, and I couldn’t do it because it was what other people wanted me to do. I needed to do it because it was what I needed to do. I have never made choices in my career based on anything other than passion and love for the stories and characters, and I didn’t want to start now.”

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